Building Your eCommerce Site

Requirement focused

No matter the project
meeting your requirements is our main goal.

Our track record speaks volumes – with over 800 projects (and counting), and more than 400 clients in the past six years, we have experience in making the products that are right for you. We work hard to deliver the best results: your goals are our goals, and your success is, for us, a job well done.

Our team is made up of intelligent and enthusiastic people – with passion comes success, so we hire and train people who enjoy their field of work. We’ve cultivated a hub of ingenuity – a place where ideas can flow freely and be expressed through design and construction. Every project we undertake is inspired from your direction and the enthusiasm of our hard working staff.

Setup of an online business (shop) ought to be easy, but often it gets complicated. That’s why we have made our processes & platform flexible, so it can cope with the many ways that online businesses sell their products or services, and the ways in which customers want to buy.

With passion also comes creativity. Every e-commerce website we create is original, designed to fit your needs. We take your brief and make it a reality. The creativity of our team brings your ideas to life, using their innovative processes to create something that meets your specification and requirements.

We provide a complete e-commerce solution in and outside Leeds for all product types and budgets. We also ensure your e-commerce website is responsive to mobile and tablet devices. This is crucial and will make significant improvements to your online sales and conversions.

Our e-commerce solution is a well-known platform for the success of small and large businesses. Online performance is constantly outperforming the high street businesses and encouraging confident business to strengthen their online presence.

Our Platform works the way you do. It is intuitive and has only the options you need to get the job done. The easy to use interface of a Studio 116 design website will give you full control of your web content.

Our determination and capability allows us to offer our clients high quality, user friendly and engaging ecommerce website solutions that lead them to the top in their industries, perfectly fitting in with their business requirements, yet at an affordable price.

Our strategy is simple, we build the brand first. If you focus on building a brand you'll develop your story and understand what your brand means to people. We recommend social media at first while your e-commerce website is being built e.g. Instagram or facebook early on to test certain looks and feels for your brand and get market validation.

We can measure performance and continually improve the user experience and help you change it as devices and your customers or your products change.

We can help bring different customers to your door and help you understand online, even help you create sales channels for your products.

At Studio 116 we offer the complete e-commerce package no matter how big or small your project.