From beautiful beef- burgers to sensational Peri-chicken, Frankie’s will provide you with the best-quality food for an exceptional price.

The American-style Diner, opened in Batley Central on Tuesday 2nd August 2016 and has been a success ever since.

With the help of Studio116, Frankie’s has achieved outstanding results. We are proud to associate our team with the American Diner, as we helped to develop them into the success they are today.

Studio 116 was contacted by Frankie’s to increase marketing for the American diner and to expand customer awareness.

Our designated designers and talented developers have worked endlessly to create a unique logo, market and escalate brand awareness for Frankie’s.

The modern, classy look has helped to achieve it’s purpose and increase sales.

We believe, the presentation and approach of Frankie’s is very important and it will help to boost the popularity and customer awareness.

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By the Studio116 Team!

Written by Studio116 on Thursday June 15, 2017
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