We're talking about HP's new logo! What are your thoughts?

HP have made some major changes to its logo, its way different from last year's Spectre x360 which had the full "Hewlett-Packard" written out, this new 13-inch model has just four minimalist slashes making up the "HP" wordmark. HP says it'll be using this logo solely on its premium laptops. The eagle eye among you may of realised that this edgey logo first came onto the HP scene in 2011, however for some reason HP decided not to go with it! Who knows why, we think it looks ace, but we're glad they've started using it now!

Studio 116 are fully onboard with their new dramatic change in style and we'd love to help all of you achieve a bold new look for your company!

Drop us a call or email and we'll start you on your journey!

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Written by Studio116 on Tuesday April 12, 2016
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