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We offer many services including branding, design and marketing.
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Branding works for any company, whether large or small, it has been done right. It differentiates yourself from competitors; develops your own individual unique selling point; allows you to be recognised by a large number of people; builds your trust and enables users to engage with you online, helping you to attain sustainable long term results.

At Studio 116 we will encourage you to focus on many areas of marketing straight away, but a strong brand will increase the number of opportunities for growth. Therefore as a company we will recommend you to hand branding over to our brand expert.

Firstly we will plan a complete branding review, looking closely into your target audience, target market, key elements including your unique selling point (USP) in order to develop your branding strategy boosting your business forward and create a base for loyal customers.

It is always essential for branding to be correct, so therefore call our outstanding expert at Studio 116 up now and we will arrange some time to discuss and go through your essential business needs, targets and also a business strategy focusing on delivering results.

Brochure Design

Creative and supportive members of Studio 116 are constantly researching and investigating for a method that will thoroughly promote your message, engage with your target audience and tangibly make a huge difference.

Brochures, even today, are considered to be one of the most effective promotional tools, crucially in the areas of marketing and communication, enabling you to target the correct audience, attracts customers and encourage for a resulting response.

Our dedicated team is always ready to take up new challenges, producing original and fresh artwork that express a statement, conveys a message, impresses the reader and reflects the quality of your company; and finally producing a design that will make the audience sit up and persuade them to purchase.

We listen and design ideas that bring real results and move you up to the next level of success.

Call our experts at Studio 116 who will arrange, discuss and draft ideal designs that will suit your business requirements.

E Commerce Sites

Ecommerce is a well known platform for the success of small and large businesses. Online performance is constantly outperforming the high street businesses and encouraging confident business to strengthen their online presence.

Studio 116 has the capability, knowledge, experience and determination to move your business to the next success level. Producing successful ecommerce solutions, Studio 116 have always been focused on creating innovative solutions, developing and supporting ecommerce websites.

Our determination and capability allows us to offer our clients high quality, user friendly and engaging ecommerce websites that lead them to the top in their industries, perfectly fitting in with their business requirements, yet at an affordable price.

To arrange for an appointment please contact us today.

Mobile Websites

It is predicted that in three years time the number of mobile websites will overturn desktops. Currently £41.8 Billion is spent through mobile devices and is set to rapidly increase. On a daily basis 1.08 billion smart phones are purchased exclusively for online shopping and browsing.

Mobile and responsive websites are optimized to display on mobile devices, tablets and different types of screen sizes without compromising on the usability.

Now more and more customers are turning to their mobile phones to find products and retailers, therefore it has become essential for every business to have a mobile or responsive website for a healthy and competing competition.

Boost your business today with a user friendly, interesting and engaging mobile website, encouraging customers to visit your easy to access website on regular basis.

The competition has started, to lead your competitors call Studio 116 now.

Brochure Website

A brochure website is an effective online version that translates existing printed promotional materials, hence the name.

Brochure websites are considered to be ideal for establishing an online identity, focusing on relevant information, the branding, colours used, and finally the target market. Have a look at what we did for mee go to give you an idea of what we can do for your business.

We research, investigate, plan, draft and design you a straightforward brochure website targeting you target market.

To establish your online identity call Studio 116 brochure website experts today.

Social Network Websites

We design sophisticated and exclusive social networking websites and applications. We believe in creating fully new customized social networking community websites, social applications and other web 2.0 media.

To offer you an exclusive and exceptional customized social networking website, we, within our in-house team members, design, develop, test new features to provide you unique, attractive designs with user friendly and engaging features.

If you require a community website of any kind whether business social networking, fashion social networking or any other kind, pick up the phone and call 01924 450 888 to book an appointment.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct method of communicating with your existing and potential customers. With today’s fast growing technology, email marketing is considered to be one of the cheapest and fastest methods of conveying a message, offering exclusive deals, promoting services or and products.

Our experts have a wide experience of email marketing; therefore we ensure and guarantee great results are generated. Before undertaking any campaign we investigate, plan and crucially consider your targets, data source and the time of delivery.

Call our Studio 116 Expert today to arrange and discuss the right and effective email marketing method.

Pay Per Click

Allow your adverts and business to be found on the top of every results page through pay per click. When your targeted keyword is matched with the searching query then your ad will appear for viewers to take interest in.

Pay Per Click has been one of the most efficient advertising methods in terms of cost and results. During this process you do not have to pay a fee every month in advance, but only pay when one takes interest in your advert, clicks on the result and enters your website. There is a charge of each click, but each click means a new customers.

When going for pay per click one should ensure that they have researched, examined and tested their keywords, adverts and targeted audience for a growing outcome.

Call our experts at Studio 116 who will arrange and discuss strategies that will suit your business needs.

Web Optimisation

Studio 116 enthusiastic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team are continuously researching and testing new methods to drive sales, improve usability and help you achieve your company goals.

Allow our experts to help you, research the most productive words, optimise every aspect of your website, achieve high Google rankings, boost your search engine rankings, focus on your beneficial listings and continuously improve.

SEO is a crucial part when considering an online identity therefore our experts ensure this process is considered throughout the design and development stages. Studio 116 is constantly researching and testing new methods which will benefit our client and generate great results.

Call Studio 116 today, we can offer you exceptional deals considering your requirements, aims and budget.

Social Media

Millions of businesses throughout the world on a daily basis use social media platforms, including Face Book, Twitter and blogging sites to effectively communicate with their target audience.

One platform has the ability to cover many aspects including the promotion of your business and services, attracting more traffic, conveying messages, advertising products, engaging customers, receiving feedback and constantly allowing one to develop.

Our aim is not only to focus on selling but also to create a lasting relationship between the client and users on a personal approach. It’s one of the most accurate tools leading to great opportunities and improvements.

Boost your business through Face Book, Twitter, You tube, LinkedIn, Instagram Blogging, and much more with the help of Studio 116 media experts.

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